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Comment links to -STABLE release notes
As a side effect of moving the release notes from the src/ tree to the doc/ tree, the -STABLE release notes have not been functional. It does not seem feasible to reimplement them at this point, since the conversion from XML to AsciiDoc. PR: 259148 Submitted by: freebsd@frost _dot_ kiwi Sponsored by: Rubicon Communications, LLC ("Netgate")
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@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ The release documentation for each -RELEASE version of FreeBSD (for example, {re
These files are located in the top-level directory of each distribution. Both HTML and text forms are usually provided.
== Snapshot Versions of FreeBSD
The release documentation files for snapshots are generally in the top-level directory of each snapshot.
@@ -60,3 +61,4 @@ HTML versions of the release documentation for FreeBSD -CURRENT and FreeBSD -STA
* link:../relnotes/11-STABLE/relnotes/[Release Notes]
* link:../relnotes/11-STABLE/hardware/[Hardware Notes]
* link:../relnotes/11-STABLE/errata/[Errata]