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- <task>Evaluating if it is worth to migrate any of the other
+ <task>Evaluating if it is worthwhile to migrate any of the other
callout(9) consumers to the new interface.</task>
<task>Move callout consumers still using the legacy
timeout()/untimeout() interface to callout_*() in order to get
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<p>The project progressed well since February:</p>
- <li>Konstantin committed is TTM port to 10-CURRENT.</li>
+ <li>Konstantin committed his TTM port to 10-CURRENT.</li>
<li>With the help of John Baldwin (jhb) and Andriy Gapon (avg),
the Video BIOS situation greatly improved: the
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the VM folks.</li>
- <p><a href="http://www.yakaz.com/">Yakaz</a> lended
+ <p><a href="http://www.yakaz.com/">Yakaz</a> loaned
Jean-S&eacute;bastien a computer which allows him to test a
RV630-based discrete card and, in the future, other PCIe cards.
Several users already kindly tested the driver. Big thanks to
all those contributors!</p>
- <p>In its current state, the driver allows to have a simple X
+ <p>In its current state, the driver allows a simple X
session (no OpenGL), run common applications, watch movies,
change the resolution and enable additional monitors with
<tt>xrandr(1)</tt>. The most blocking issue now is the OpenGL
- deadlock which prevents to run modern compositors/desktop
+ deadlock which prevents running modern compositors/desktop
environment, games and WebGL demos. We are not ready for a
"Call For Testers" yet.</p>