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* Update template to have NNNNNN instead of XXXXXX.Gordon Tetlow2021-08-252-4/+4
* Correct URL for patch.Gordon Tetlow2021-08-241-15/+15
* Add EN-21:23 to EN-21:25 and SA-21:13 to SA-21:17.Gordon Tetlow2021-08-2432-0/+3173
* Add EN-21:18 through EN-21:22.Gordon Tetlow2021-06-3019-0/+1775
* website: Move google-site-verification to the static dirDanilo G. Baio2021-06-052-0/+2
* Add EN-21:17.Gordon Tetlow2021-06-013-0/+179
* Add EN-21:11 to EN-21:16, SA-21:11, and SA-21:12.Gordon Tetlow2021-05-2728-0/+2213
* security: update EN and SA templates for 13.0-RELEASEGlen Barber2021-04-262-2/+2
* Mention hashes and revision numbers in advisory template textEd Maste2021-04-082-4/+4
* Add EN-21:09, EN-21:10, and SA-21:08 through SA-21:10.Gordon Tetlow2021-04-0623-0/+1158
* Add missing text to errata templateEd Maste2021-04-061-0/+4
* Add arm64 to freebsd-update section in advisory templatesEd Maste2021-04-062-4/+6
* Update advisory templates for GitEd Maste2021-04-062-14/+44
* Update FreeBSD-SA-20:32.rtsold one more time.Gordon Tetlow2021-03-291-15/+17
* Fix revision date.Gordon Tetlow2021-03-291-14/+14
* Update FreeBSD-SA-20:32.rtsold to include additional CVE.Gordon Tetlow2021-03-291-18/+22
* Add FreeBSD-SA-21:07.openssl.Gordon Tetlow2021-03-255-0/+1134
* Add EN-21:06 to EN-21:08 and SA-21:03 to SA-21:06.Gordon Tetlow2021-02-2425-0/+3731
* add 13.0 to the EN/SA templatesGlen Barber2021-02-162-2/+10
* Update SA/EN templates for 12.1 EOLEd Maste2021-02-012-6/+2
* Fix typo in patch uri.Gordon Tetlow2021-01-291-15/+15
* Fixup incorrect reference to a git URI.Gordon Tetlow2021-01-291-14/+14
* Add EN-21:01 to EN-21:05, SA-21:01, and SA-21:02.Gordon Tetlow2021-01-2925-0/+3868
* update year in SA/EN templates - it's now 2021Ed Maste2021-01-262-12/+12
* Migrate doc to Hugo/AsciiDoctorSergio Carlavilla Delgado2021-01-252753-0/+2300602