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NULL out cc_data in pluggable TCP {cc}_cb_destroy
When ABE was added (rS331214) to NewReno and leak fixed (rS333699) , it now has a destructor (newreno_cb_destroy) for per connection state. Other congestion controls may allocate and free cc_data on entry and exit, but the field is never explicitly NULLed if moving back to NewReno which only internally allocates stateful data (no entry contstructor) resulting in a situation where newreno_cb_destory might be called on a junk pointer. - NULL out cc_data in the framework after calling {cc}_cb_destroy - free(9) checks for NULL so there is no need to perform not NULL checks before calling free. - Improve a comment about NewReno in tcp_ccalgounload This is the result of a debugging session from Jason Wolfe, Jason Eggleston, and mmacy@ and very helpful insight from lstewart@. Submitted by: Kevin Bowling Reviewed by: lstewart Sponsored by: Limelight Networks Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D16282
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