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zfs: merge openzfs/zfs@688514e47HEADmain
Notable upstream pull request merges: #15532 c1a47de86 zdb: Fix zdb '-O|-r' options with -e/exported zpool #15535 cf3316633 ZVOL: Minor code cleanup #15541 803a9c12c brt: lift internal definitions into _impl header #15541 213d68296 zdb: show BRT statistics and dump its contents #15543 a49087510 ZIL: Refactor TX_WRITE encryption similar to TX_CLONE_RANGE #15543 27d8c23c5 ZIL: Do not encrypt block pointers in lr_clone_range_t #15549 67894a597 unnecessary alloc/free in dsl_scan_visitbp() #15551 126efb588 FreeBSD: Fix the build on FreeBSD 12 #15563 acb33ee1c FreeBSD: Fix ZFS so that snapshots under .zfs/snapshot are NFS visible #15564 7bbd42ef4 Don't allow attach to a raidz child vdev #15566 688514e47 dmu_buf_will_clone: fix race in transition back to NOFILL #15571 30d581121 dnode_is_dirty: check dnode and its data for dirtiness Obtained from: OpenZFS OpenZFS commit: 688514e4704bdee4551d25960febd322ac26f297
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