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Allow "-" for working with STDIN
Allow printing of each option separately when keyword specified without a number
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.Os FreeBSD
.Nm comcontrol
-.Nd control an sio device.
+.Nd control an special tty device.
.Nm comcontrol
-.Ar sio_special_device
-.Op options
+.Ar special_device | -
+.Op dtrwait Op number
+.Op drainwait Op number
.Nm Comcontrol
is used to examine and modify some of the special characteristics
-of the specified sio device.
-If no arguments other than the device are specified,
+of the specified tty device.
+If no arguments other than the device (or "-" for stdin)
+are specified,
it prints the settings of all controllable characteristics.
This usage requires only read access on the device.
Only the superuser can change the settings.
The following options are available:
.Bl -tag -width indent
+.It Cm dtrwait
+Print current DTR wait time.
.It Cm dtrwait Ar number
Set the time to wait after dropping DTR
to the given number.
@@ -27,11 +31,14 @@ The units are hundredths of a second.
The default is 300 hundredths, i.e., 3 seconds.
This option needed mainly to set proper recover time after
modem reset.
+.It Cm drainwait
+Print current output drain timeout.
.It Cm drainwait Ar number
Set the time to wait for output drain
to the given number.
The units are seconds.
-The default is 0, i.e. wait forever.
+The default is 5 minutes, 0 means
+waiting forever.
This option needed mainly to specify upper limit of minutes
to prevent modem hanging.