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Import OpenBSM 1.2-alpha2:vendor/openbsm/1.2-ALPHA-2
OpenBSM 1.2 alpha 2 - auditdistd, a distributed audit trail management daemon, has now been merged. This allows trail files to be securely and reliably synced from audited hosts to an audit server, and employs TLS encryption. Where available, it uses Capsicum to sandbox the service. This work was contributed by Pawel Jakub Dawidek under sponsorship from the FreeBSD Foundation. OpenBSM 1.2 alpha 1 - Add Capsicum-related error numbers for FreeBSD: ENOTCAPABLE, ECAPMODE. - Add Capsicum, process descriptor audit events for FreeBSD. - Allow 0% minspace. - Fixes from the clang static analyser. - Fix expiration of trail files when the host parameter is used. - Various typo fixes. - Support for Solaris privilege and privilege set tokens. - Documentation for getachost(), improvements for getacfilesz(). - Fix a directory descriptor leak that happened when audit trail partitions filled. - Support for more Linux distributions with a partial contemporary endian.h. - Improved escaping of XML-encapsulated BSM. - A variety of minor documentation, style, and functional. Obtained from: TrustedBSD Project Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation (auditdistd)
Notes: svn path=/vendor/openbsm/dist/; revision=243730 svn path=/vendor/openbsm/1.2-ALPHA-2/; revision=243732; tag=vendor/openbsm/1.2-ALPHA-2
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