Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* import 1.29 to fix buffer overflow:vendor/kerberosIVAssar Westerlund2002-10-231-2/+11
* mdoc(ng) fixesAssar Westerlund2001-05-0822-145/+128
* import krb4-1.0.5Assar Westerlund2000-12-29124-1611/+5644
* merge fix from vendor for not overwriting old ticket fileAssar Westerlund2000-12-101-14/+0
* merge fix from vendor for removing buffer overrunAssar Westerlund2000-12-101-0/+3
* merge fix from vendor for not looking at environment variablesAssar Westerlund2000-12-101-25/+0
* Fix benign bugs due to missing format string in err() and warn().Kris Kennaway2000-08-132-2/+2
* Clean import of KTH Kerberos (eBones) v1.0.Mark Murray2000-01-09363-4394/+14746
* Clean import of KTH krb4-0.10.1.Mark Murray1999-09-19487-12770/+67597
* Initial import of KTH eBones. This has been cleaned up to only includevendor/kerberosIV/0.9.6Mark Murray1997-09-04368-0/+82832