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* pax: remove 4.4BSD compatibilityDag-Erling Smørgrav2022-09-131-24/+0
* Add HAS_TESTS to all Makefiles that are currently using theEnji Cooper2017-08-021-0/+1
* Convert traditional ${MK_TESTS} conditional idiom for including testEnji Cooper2017-08-021-3/+1
* Explicitly add unmarked bin/ binaries to the runtime package.Glen Barber2016-02-091-0/+1
* Use src.opts.mk in preference to bsd.own.mk except where we need stuffWarner Losh2014-05-061-1/+1
* Migrate tools/regression/bin/ tests to the new layout.Julio Merino2013-12-111-0/+6
* Remove unused files.Xin LI2010-03-301-3/+0
* Tell the compiler these structures are aligned to a byte boundary.Warner Losh2010-02-071-2/+0
* Arm doesn't seem to need such kit gloves. Bump the warnings to 3 hereWarner Losh2010-02-041-2/+0
* Use WARNS?=3 for these in the arm case for now, due to toolchain issues.Olivier Houchard2004-05-141-0/+4
* Get this area compiling with the highest WARNS= that it works with.Mark Murray2003-06-131-1/+0
* Fix format string errors relating mainly to the use of %qu to print off_t's.Tim J. Robbins2002-10-061-1/+0
* Correct inadvertent style botches in previous commit.Kris Kennaway2002-02-041-2/+1
* Lock down with WFORMAT=1 except those directories with unfixed warnings.Kris Kennaway2002-02-041-0/+2
* Default to WARNS=2. Binary builds that cannot handle this must explicitlyDavid E. O'Brien2001-12-041-0/+1
* Sync up with OpenBSD. Too many changes to note, but the major featuresKris Kennaway2001-05-081-3/+6
* $Id$ -> $FreeBSD$Peter Wemm1999-08-271-1/+1
* Revert $FreeBSD$ to $Id$Peter Wemm1997-02-221-1/+1
* Make the long-awaited change from $Id$ to $FreeBSD$Jordan K. Hubbard1997-01-141-1/+1
* Added $Id$David Greenman1994-09-241-0/+1
* BSD 4.4 Lite bin SourcesRodney W. Grimes1994-05-261-0/+32