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* Add HISTORY sections to ZFS and dtrace manpageGordon Bergling2020-06-141-1/+6
* MFV r350898, r351075: 8423 8199 7432 Implement large_dnode pool featureAndriy Gapon2019-10-071-4/+6
* Revert r351076 and r351074 because of atomic_swap_64 on 32-bit platformsAndriy Gapon2019-08-151-6/+4
* MFV r350898: 8423 8199 7432 Implement large_dnode pool featureAndriy Gapon2019-08-151-4/+6
* MFV 316894Josh Paetzel2017-04-251-8/+22
* MFV r296518: 5027 zfs large block support (add copyright)Alexander Motin2016-03-081-0/+1
* MFV r289312: 2605 want to resume interrupted zfs sendAlexander Motin2015-10-151-3/+2
* MFV 286586: 5746 more checksumming in zfs sendAlexander Motin2015-08-101-8/+48
* MFV r274273:Xin LI2014-11-101-4/+15
* MFV r267565:Xin LI2014-07-011-11/+44
* MFV r258972:Xin LI2013-12-312-4/+123
* General mdoc(7) and typo fixes.Glen Barber2012-05-101-1/+1
* Update ZFS manual pages to a mdoc(7) reimplementation.Martin Matuska2011-11-271-45/+63
* Update and desolarization of zdb(8) and zstreamdump(1) manual pages:Martin Matuska2011-11-201-24/+6
* Finally... Import the latest open-source ZFS version - (SPA) 28.Pawel Jakub Dawidek2011-02-272-0/+496