path: root/contrib/file/magic/Magdir/elf
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* file: upgrade to 5.41.Xin LI13 days1-5/+40
* Revert r362261, "Re-apply r333944 to unbreak ports"Ed Maste2020-06-291-2/+3
* Re-apply r333944 to unbreak portsAntoine Brodin2020-06-171-3/+2
* MFV r362254: file 5.39.Xin LI2020-06-171-3/+4
* MFV r357712: file 5.38.Xin LI2020-02-111-2/+2
* MFV r354582: file 5.37.Xin LI2019-11-101-1/+5
* [PowerPC64] Add ABI flags to 'file' magicLeandro Lupori2019-06-281-0/+3
* file: update to 5.34Eitan Adler2018-08-081-2/+7
* Revert last change to file/magic/Magdir/elf, it misidentifies most sharedAntoine Brodin2018-05-201-3/+2
* MFV: file 5.33Eitan Adler2018-05-201-3/+4
* MFV r302218: file 5.28.Xin LI2016-06-271-23/+21
* MFV r287451 + 287452: file 5.24 + fix for bin/181436.Xin LI2015-09-041-33/+33
* MFV r275696: file 5.21.Xin LI2014-12-111-1/+2
* MFV r267843: update file/libmagic to 5.19.Xin LI2014-06-261-0/+324