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* Merge llvm-project release/13.x llvmorg-13.0.0-rc1-97-g23ba3732246aDimitry Andric2021-11-131-0/+1
* Move all sources from the llvm project into contrib/llvm-project.Dimitry Andric2019-12-201-1/+1
* Rework CXXSTD setting via r345708Enji Cooper2019-04-221-1/+1
* Standardize `-std=c++* as `CXXSTD`Enji Cooper2019-03-291-3/+1
* Revert r345706: the third time will be the charmEnji Cooper2019-03-291-1/+3
* Standardize `-std=c++* as `CXXSTD`Enji Cooper2019-03-291-3/+1
* Revert r345704Enji Cooper2019-03-291-1/+3
* CXXSTD is the C++ analogue to CSTD.Enji Cooper2019-03-291-3/+1
* Update libc++ and libc++experimental Makefiles, add libc++fs Makefile,Dimitry Andric2018-08-021-3/+0
* DIRDEPS_BUILD: Connect more libraries.Bryan Drewery2017-07-111-0/+14
* Add PICFLAG to build libc++experimental.a, so it can be used in allDimitry Andric2017-05-211-0/+1
* Add libc++experimental.a for std::experimental supportDimitry Andric2017-05-211-0/+29