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* Remove obsolete code gated on _ARM_ARCH_*Andrew Turner2021-01-282-69/+0
* Remove the old ARMv4 memcpyAndrew Turner2021-01-283-1652/+1371
* Remove leftover big-endian arm supportAndrew Turner2021-01-284-627/+0
* arm/ffs.S: remove stale comment.Pedro F. Giffuni2019-12-281-3/+0
* Revert r336773: it removed too much.Warner Losh2018-07-272-0/+1792
* Remove xscale supportWarner Losh2018-07-272-1792/+0
* Correct MDSRCS use in <arch>/string/Makefile.inc.Brooks Davis2017-03-021-4/+11
* Annotate arm userspace assembler sources stating their tolerance toKonstantin Belousov2015-09-299-0/+18
* Add the needed if-then instructions to build as Thumb-2.Andrew Turner2015-05-316-0/+53
* Switch to the ARM unified assembly language as the clang integrated as onlyAndrew Turner2014-11-297-123/+138
* In ARM asm code, ensure that every ENTRY(foo) has a matching END(foo).Ian Lepore2014-08-319-0/+17
* Merge index() and strchr() together.Ed Schouten2012-01-031-4/+3
* The NetBSD Foundation has granted permission to remove clause 3 and 4 fromJoel Dahl2010-03-023-21/+0
* - Eliminate extra subcs instruction. I have not noticed before that weStanislav Sedov2009-06-211-2/+1
* - Fix strncmp on arm. Return 0 as result without performing theStanislav Sedov2009-06-211-5/+9
* revert r191633; this breaks at91 & xscale (likely all arm)Sam Leffler2009-05-061-4/+4
* Change the test at the beginning of strncmp(), from being if (len - 1) < 0Olivier Houchard2009-04-281-4/+4
* MFKernel: do not use __XSCALE__ to detect if clz/pld/ldrd/strd areOlivier Houchard2007-10-133-9/+9
* Fix a long line in copyright notice.Olivier Houchard2005-10-031-1/+2
* Add an asm version of strlen() for arm (how useful).Olivier Houchard2005-10-032-1/+78
* Use the RET macro.Olivier Houchard2004-11-096-31/+31
* MFKernel: Implement ffs with clz on Xscale.Olivier Houchard2004-11-071-0/+6
* Always use bx for returning on Xscale.Olivier Houchard2004-09-231-76/+76
* Fix the align-to-32-bits code.Olivier Houchard2004-09-231-2/+2
* Import the FreeBSD/arm libc bits.Olivier Houchard2004-05-1412-0/+3363