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* Simplify the FreeBSD check using __FreeBSD__ compiler macro.Cy Schubert2021-02-091-1/+1
* Indentation cleanup resulting from the cleanup of #ifdefs.Cy Schubert2021-02-021-1/+1
* Retire the K&R/STD C __P prototype declarations.Cy Schubert2021-02-021-37/+37
* ipfilter #ifdef cleanup.Cy Schubert2019-02-031-8/+2
* Update ipfilter 4.1.28 --> 5.1.2.Cy Schubert2013-09-061-387/+884
| * As per the developers handbook (5.3.1 step 1), prepare the vendor trees forCy Schubert2013-07-191-992/+0
* Import IPFilter 4.1.28Darren Reed2007-10-181-50/+37
* Import IPFilter 4.1.23 to vendor branch.Darren Reed2007-06-041-77/+298
* Import IP Filter version 4.1.10Guido van Rooij2005-12-301-7/+5
* import ipfilter 4.1.8 into the kernel source treeDarren Reed2005-04-251-0/+786