path: root/tools/build/cross-build/include/common
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Revert "tools/build: Unbreak bmake bootstrap on Linux"Jessica Clarke2023-01-291-8/+0
* tools/build: Unbreak bmake bootstrap on LinuxJessica Clarke2022-08-221-0/+8
* tools/build: Provide FreeBSD's bitstring API when cross-buildingJessica Clarke2022-08-181-0/+4
* cross-build: Add __weak_symbol definition for libdwarf bootstrapJessica Clarke2021-12-151-0/+3
* cross-build: Provide _PASSWORD_EFMT1 for libcrypt on LinuxJessica Clarke2021-12-071-0/+4
* cross-build: Define crypt_data in unistd.h for libcryptJessica Clarke2021-12-071-0/+5
* cross-build: Remove redundant lines.Warner Losh2021-10-102-4/+0
* Fix cross-builds after 4e5d32a445f90d37966cd6de571978551654e3f3Jose Luis Duran2021-09-071-0/+19
* Allow bootstrapping llvm-tblgen on macOS and LinuxAlex Richardson2021-08-021-0/+6
* Silence a macro-redefined warning when crossbuildingAlex Richardson2021-03-011-0/+2
* Fix warnings during bootstrap on Linux systemsAlex Richardson2021-01-075-27/+29
* Fix more -Wundef warnings during bootstrapAlex Richardson2020-10-141-5/+0
* Fix dtrace tools bootstrap on non-FreeBSD after OpenZFS importAlex Richardson2020-09-193-51/+12
* Add Linux/macOS compatibility system headers to tools/build/cross-buildAlex Richardson2020-08-2525-0/+1425