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dns/powerdns: update to 4.6.3
ChangeLog: https://blog.powerdns.com/2022/07/13/powerdns-authoritative-server-4-6-3/ PR: 265268 Reported by: tremere@cainites.net (maintainer) MFH: 2022Q3 (bugfix release)
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diff --git a/dns/powerdns/Makefile b/dns/powerdns/Makefile
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PORTNAME= powerdns
MASTER_SITES= https://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/
diff --git a/dns/powerdns/distinfo b/dns/powerdns/distinfo
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-TIMESTAMP = 1649776889
-SHA256 (pdns-4.6.2.tar.bz2) = f443848944bb11bbb4850221613b3a01ffb57febf2671da6caa57362ee0b19b8
-SIZE (pdns-4.6.2.tar.bz2) = 1302527
+TIMESTAMP = 1657734807
+SHA256 (pdns-4.6.3.tar.bz2) = acd06b89ca01d1adf61b906604614f0e1d77a1e94eeecade8ff5d53a16db7389
+SIZE (pdns-4.6.3.tar.bz2) = 1302651
diff --git a/dns/powerdns/pkg-descr b/dns/powerdns/pkg-descr
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-The PowerDNS Authoritative Server is the only solution that enables
-authoritative DNS service from all major databases, including but not limited
-to MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, LDAP and plain text files.
+The PowerDNS Authoritative Server is a versatile nameserver which supports a
+large number of backends. These backends can either be plain zone files or be
+more dynamic in nature.
-DNS answers can also be fully scripted using a variety of (scripting) languages
-such as Lua, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, C and C++. Such scripting can be used
-for dynamic redirection, (spam) filtering or real time intervention.
+PowerDNS has the concepts of ‘backends’. A backend is a datastore that the
+server will consult that contains DNS records (and some metadata). The backends
+range from database backends (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and BIND zone files to
+co-processes and JSON API’s.
-In addition, the PowerDNS Authoritative Server is the leading DNSSEC
-implementation, hosting the majority of all DNSSEC domains worldwide. The
-Authoritative Server hosts at least 30% of all domain names in Europe, and
-around 90% of all DNSSEC domains in Europe.
- * IPv4, UDP/TCP
- * IPv6, UDP/TCP, 100% compliant
- * Remotely pollable statistics for real time graphing
- * MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, LDAP, SQLite3
- - Including replication
- * Near instant start up time
- * Plain BIND zone files
- - Brief start up time
- * Migration tools from legacy DNS platforms (zone2sql)
- * Internal Lua-based scripted answer generation
- * External high-performance Script-based answer generation
- * Geographical load balancing
- * Full DNSSEC support including all standardized algorithms
- * TSIG for transaction signatures, AXFR authorization/requests
- * Master/Slave support
- * Built-in web server for statistics and limited direct control
- * API for direct control (pdns_control, pdnssec)
- - Local and remote access
+Multiple backends can be enabled in the configuration by using the launch
+option. Each backend can be configured separately.
WWW: https://www.powerdns.com/auth.html