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audio/din: Update to 53
Changes since 52: DIN Is Noise 53: /* new in DIN53: launched drones launch drones that launch drones that launch drones....! use Drone Params > Defaults > Generations to set the number of times this can happen if Generations = 1, A drone launcher launches drones (@ a Drones Per Minute) that die at the end of their lifetimes. This is default and the only behaviour until DIN 52. if Generations = 2, A drone launcher launches drones that launch drones. if Generations = 3, A drone launcher launches drones that launch drones that launch drones too. if Generations = 4, 5, 6, ... this quickly escalates into a population explosion of drones; lots of drones birthing lots of drones, living their life out and waiting to die can get very loud (especially if the Compressor isnt ON), slow down DIN and maybe even your computer beyond rescue. Be careful! :) Ways to prevent this population explosion are: keep Generatons low (Menu > Drone Params > Defaults), keep Drones Per Minute (DPM) and Lifetime on the original launcher low (Select drone launcher and adjust values from Menu > Drone Params > Motion) and keep the Fall time low (the fade-out time for drone after being killed, from Menu > Drone Params > Defaults) The launched drones take the DPM and Lifetime of their parent so editing carefully the parameters of the original launcher is important. /* new default Drones Per Minute (DPM) on a drone launcher (Menu > Drone Params > Defaults). Assigns a DPM when making a drone launcher. Turn on ~ to assign a DPM at random. * re: Auto rotation of drone velocity/acceleration vectors: changed Degrees Per Second to Degrees Per Tick /* re: Menu > Drone Params > Defaults > Bounces when set to 0, launched drones dont bounce off the bottom of the microtonal keyboard but are killed immediately (behaviour until DIN 52) when set to -1, drones dont bounce off the bottom of the microtonal keyboard at all: but they are not killed either, they just live their life(time) out /* gravity base and tip dont move ie stay fixed as you scroll the microtonal keyboard in DIN53. this is because gravity is now in 'object space' along with the drones and microtonal ranges. until DIN52, gravity was in 'UI space' along with UI controls. * repositioned drone arrow UI elements ! fixed : DIN not quitting when frozen drones present ! ! fixed : change size of gravity vector when its modulating !
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diff --git a/audio/din/Makefile b/audio/din/Makefile
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--- a/audio/din/Makefile
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
MASTER_SITES= https://archive.org/download/dinisnoise_source_code/
diff --git a/audio/din/distinfo b/audio/din/distinfo
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--- a/audio/din/distinfo
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-TIMESTAMP = 1639304671
-SHA256 (din-52.tar.gz) = 22cb04592a17e3643258d783a2ec60b0dade51d2af35935511fbc54a97a00048
-SIZE (din-52.tar.gz) = 3706694
+TIMESTAMP = 1644642927
+SHA256 (din-53.tar.gz) = a329627211124ac2814bd5cab6c98950c1a5393ba69e95cfb409e559a647f21b
+SIZE (din-53.tar.gz) = 3707794