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authorTorsten Zuehlsdorff <tz@FreeBSD.org>2021-05-01 22:08:41 +0000
committerTorsten Zuehlsdorff <tz@FreeBSD.org>2021-05-01 22:08:41 +0000
commit5be5ddc1531fbe1ef87496b6ec835ab51f63ce4c (patch)
parent413eb8a39f9f2164b5828e1809ecd278644c26cb (diff)
lang/php74: Update from 7.4.16 to 7.4.18
Changelog: Core: Fixed bug #80781 (Error handler that throws ErrorException infinite loop). Fixed bug #75776 (Flushing streams with compression filter is broken). (cmb) 04 Mar 2021, php 7.4.16 Fixed #80706 (mail(): Headers after Bcc headers may be ignored). Dba: Fixed bug #80817 (dba_popen() may cause segfault during RSHUTDOWN). DOM: Fixed bug #66783 (UAF when appending DOMDocument to element). FPM: Fixed bug #80024 (Duplication of info about inherited socket after pool removing). FTP: Fixed bug #80880 (SSL_read on shutdown, ftp/proc_open). Imap: Fixed bug #80710 (imap_mail_compose() header injection). Intl: Fixed bug #80763 (msgfmt_format() does not accept DateTime references). LibXML: Fixed bug #51903 (simplexml_load_file() doesn't use HTTP headers). Fixed bug #73533 (Invalid memory access in php_libxml_xmlCheckUTF8). MySQLnd: Fixed bug #80713 (SegFault when disabling ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES and MySQL 8.0). Fixed bug #80837 (Calling stmt_store_result after fetch doesn't throw an error). Fixed bug #78680 (mysqlnd's mysql_clear_password does not transmit null-terminated password). Opcache: Fixed bug #80805 (create simple class and get error in opcache.so). Fixed bug #80950 (Variables become null in if statements). Pcntl: Fixed bug #79812 (Potential integer overflow in pcntl_exec()). PCRE: Fixed bug #80866 (preg_split ignores limit flag when pattern with \K has 0-width fullstring match). PDO_ODBC: Fixed bug #80783 (PDO ODBC truncates BLOB records at every 256th byte). PDO_pgsql: Fixed bug #80892 (PDO::PARAM_INT is treated the same as PDO::PARAM_STR). phpdbg: Fixed bug #80757 (Exit code is 0 when could not open file). Session: Fixed bug #80774 (session_name() problem with backslash). Fixed bug #80889 (Cannot set save handler when save_handler is invalid). SOAP: Fixed bug #69668 (SOAP special XML characters in namespace URIs not encoded). Standard: Fixed bug #78719 (http wrapper silently ignores long Location headers). Fixed bug #80771 (phpinfo(INFO_CREDITS) displays nothing in CLI). Fixed bug #80838 (HTTP wrapper waits for HTTP 1 response after HTTP 101). Fixed bug #80915 (Taking a reference to $_SERVER hides its values from phpinfo()). Fixed bug #80654 (file_get_contents() maxlen fails above (2**31)-1 bytes). MySQLi: Fixed bug #74779 (x() and y() truncating floats to integers). OPcache: Fixed bug #80682 (opcache doesn't honour pcre.jit option). OpenSSL: Fixed bug #80747 (Providing RSA key size < 512 generates key that crash PHP). Phar: Fixed bug #75850 (Unclear error message wrt. __halt_compiler() w/o semicolon) (cmb) Fixed bug #70091 (Phar does not mark UTF-8 filenames in ZIP archives). Fixed bug #53467 (Phar cannot compress large archives). SPL: Fixed bug#80719 (Iterating after failed ArrayObject::setIteratorClass() causes Segmentation fault). Zip: Fixed bug #80648 (Fix for bug 79296 should be based on runtime version). Sponsored by: Bounce Experts
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diff --git a/lang/php74/Makefile b/lang/php74/Makefile
index 20a089d59374..0acaca8114e3 100644
--- a/lang/php74/Makefile
+++ b/lang/php74/Makefile
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
CATEGORIES?= lang devel www
MASTER_SITES= PHP/distributions
diff --git a/lang/php74/distinfo b/lang/php74/distinfo
index b7d86eb76e5b..01d4ecc5818f 100644
--- a/lang/php74/distinfo
+++ b/lang/php74/distinfo
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
-TIMESTAMP = 1614952481
-SHA256 (php-7.4.16.tar.xz) = 1c16cefaf88ded4c92eed6a8a41eb682bb2ef42429deb55f1c4ba159053fb98b
-SIZE (php-7.4.16.tar.xz) = 10334672
+TIMESTAMP = 1619897998
+SHA256 (php-7.4.18.tar.xz) = ab97f22b128d21dcbc009b50a37aaea0051b2721cbcd122d9e00e6ffc3c4b7e1
+SIZE (php-7.4.18.tar.xz) = 10340980