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x11-toolkits/wlroots: slightly expand NVIDIA note
Nothing to do in this port until NVIDIA fixes FreeBSD driver: - both GBM (495+) and EGLStreams require nvidia-drm.ko - wlroots-eglstreams is supported as NVIDIA option (since f406592a8e37) https://www.reddit.com/r/freebsd/comments/udyrh7/nvidia_and_wayland_on_freebsd/ Wayland "de facto" requires DRM for mode setting (KMS) and buffer sharing (GBM, EGLStreams). Without those one can sacrifice convenience and performance by starting under Xorg with software rendering e.g., $ startx $ glxinfo | fgrep 'OpenGL renderer' OpenGL renderer string: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640/PCIe/SSE2 $ cage glxinfo | fgrep 'OpenGL renderer' OpenGL renderer string: llvmpipe (LLVM 13.0.1, 256 bits) $ sway -d [...] 00:00:00.001 [DEBUG] [sway/server.c:50] Preparing Wayland server initialization 00:00:00.001 [INFO] [wlr] [backend/x11/backend.c:397] Creating X11 backend 00:00:00.002 [INFO] [wlr] [backend/x11/backend.c:464] X11 does not support DRI3 extension 00:00:00.002 [INFO] [sway/main.c:394] Starting sway version 1.7 00:00:00.002 [DEBUG] [sway/server.c:75] Initializing Wayland server 00:00:00.002 [DEBUG] [wlr] [render/wlr_renderer.c:305] Skipping GLES2 renderer: no DRM FD available 00:00:00.002 [INFO] [wlr] [render/pixman/renderer.c:521] Creating pixman renderer 00:00:00.002 [DEBUG] [wlr] [render/allocator/allocator.c:112] Trying to create shm allocator 00:00:00.002 [DEBUG] [wlr] [render/allocator/shm.c:117] Created shm allocator [...]
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{ type: install
message: <<EOM
Known issues:
-- NVIDIA may be affected by https://github.com/aritger/eglstreams-kms-example/issues/7
+- NVIDIA option (aka wlroots-eglstreams) requires nvidia-drm.ko from nvidia-driver,
+ see https://github.com/aritger/eglstreams-kms-example/issues/7