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audio/din: Update to 56
Changes since 55: DIN Is Noise 56: /* new drone movements: rail and strafe rail moves a drone along its velocity vector strafe moves a drone lateral (perpendicular) to the velocity vector access rail and strafe using Drone Tools > Move / Rail / Strafe option list click on the option to activate then just move mouse up or down to rail or strafe interesting fx possible if the drone velocity vectors are auto rotating / flipping / pausing when railing or strafing! *\ /* new auto pause for auto rotating drone velocity and/or accleration vectors basically, pause rotating every few seconds for a few seconds set values of 'every few seconds' and 'for a few seconds' from: Drone Params > Defaults for new drones OR Drone Params > Motion for existing drones *\ /* new auto flip (= change direction of) rotation of curves on any curve editor *\ /* new Curves tab on Menu of all curve editors lists curves available for editing can turn on/off curves for better/easier & targeted editing *\ * improved FFT display and handling on waveform editors * improved waveform display on keyboard-keyboard * improved auto flip of rotation of velocity/acceleration vectors of drones @ launched drones from muted drones are not muted (default until DIN55) @ they serve no purpose, you can just select the launcher and stop launching :) - Fractaliser does not change curve name on apply ! fixed Menu > Drone tools > Immortalize to turn mortal launched drones immortal ! fixed resizing of Sine_Mixer harmonics/phases widget when moving Sine_Mixer
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diff --git a/audio/din/Makefile b/audio/din/Makefile
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
MASTER_SITES= https://archive.org/download/dinisnoise_source_code/
diff --git a/audio/din/distinfo b/audio/din/distinfo
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--- a/audio/din/distinfo
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-TIMESTAMP = 1664616550
-SHA256 (din-55.tar.gz) = acfcee40fbffaf3cb681d411efdd58ca506f96d416ed71cbbbcd838540bcecf2
-SIZE (din-55.tar.gz) = 3711327
+TIMESTAMP = 1675512868
+SHA256 (din-56.tar.gz) = 2dd35ec6f2a56113f9167ed10fe3d9205781142987c16cbcaf8bdf9d26974f5f
+SIZE (din-56.tar.gz) = 3716779