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* databases/kbibtex: update to C. Berner2 days2-4/+22
* databases/kbibtex: fix build on i386Max Brazhnikov2015-08-311-0/+13
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* converters/libiconv:Tijl Coosemans2015-04-151-11/+0
* Fix build with clangMax Brazhnikov2013-12-091-0/+22
* Update to 0.4.1Max Brazhnikov2012-11-032-20/+0
* Fix build with Qt 4.7Max Brazhnikov2012-05-131-0/+10
* Update to 0.4 for KDE 4Max Brazhnikov2012-05-084-22/+21
* Update to version 0.2.3Markus Brueffer2010-02-072-0/+22
* Update to version 0.2Markus Brueffer2007-10-296-141/+0
* - Add vendor patches for non-critical bugsMarkus Brueffer2007-04-055-0/+130
* Fix build with gcc 4.1Markus Brueffer2007-03-271-0/+11
* - Update to version 0.1.3Markus Brueffer2005-12-111-10/+0
* - Add patch in order to fix a major bug where @string elements won't be savedMarkus Brueffer2005-11-081-0/+10