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* devel/icu: update to 69.1Jan Beich2021-04-081-1/+1
* One more small cleanup, forgotten yesterday.Mathieu Arnold2021-04-071-1/+0
* Remove # $FreeBSD$ from Makefiles.Mathieu Arnold2021-04-061-1/+0
* devel/icu: update to 68.1Jan Beich2020-11-031-0/+1
* deskutils/peaclock: Update 0.4.2 -> 0.4.3Yuri Victorovich2020-09-281-2/+1
* devel/icu: update to 67.1Jan Beich2020-04-231-0/+1
* deskutils/peaclock: Update 0.4.1 -> 0.4.2Yuri Victorovich2020-03-291-1/+1
* deskutils/peaclock: Fix buildYuri Victorovich2020-03-291-0/+2
* New port: deskutils/peaclock: Customizable clock, timer, and stopwatch for th...Yuri Victorovich2020-03-271-0/+21