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* Update to 20080615.2. Changes include:Hiroki Sato2017-03-011-3/+3
* - Use another github repo to maintain the patches since the originalHiroki Sato2016-12-191-2/+3
* - Get Rid MD5 supportMartin Wilke2011-03-201-1/+0
* updated to the latest packageSUZUKI Shinsuke2008-06-151-3/+3
* updated to the latest versionSUZUKI Shinsuke2007-05-291-3/+3
* updated to the latest packageSUZUKI Shinsuke2007-02-261-3/+3
* update to the latest packageSUZUKI Shinsuke2006-09-021-3/+3
* - updated to the last packageSUZUKI Shinsuke2006-06-241-3/+3
* SHA256ifyEdwin Groothuis2006-01-221-0/+1
* - updated to the latest packageSUZUKI Shinsuke2006-01-171-2/+2
* Upgrade to 20050723.Munechika SUMIKAWA2005-07-251-2/+2
* Upgrade to 20040903a.Munechika SUMIKAWA2004-09-031-2/+2
* Upgrade to 20040816a. Fix compilation problem with gcc-3.4.Munechika SUMIKAWA2004-08-181-2/+2
* kame-dhcp6 is an open-source implementation of Dynamic HostMunechika SUMIKAWA2004-07-311-0/+2