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* release: Support GNU stat in mkisoimages.shJessica Clarke2022-07-151-1/+5
* release: increase IMAGE_SIZE for arm, arm64, riscvGlen Barber2022-07-131-1/+1
* release: Add support for building on non-FreeBSDJessica Clarke2022-02-282-4/+6
* release: Support -DNO_ROOT image buildingJessica Clarke2022-02-282-13/+56
* mkisoimages.sh: Avoid creating temporary files in the current directoryJessica Clarke2022-02-281-3/+4
* release: riscv64 - increase GENERICSD image sizeGlen Barber2021-12-151-1/+1
* release: permanently remove the 'reldoc' target and associatesGlen Barber2021-02-181-1/+0
* riscv: increase GENERICSD gapMitchell Horne2020-12-161-1/+1
* Copy arm64 make-memstick.sh and mkisoimages.sh to the riscvGlen Barber2020-12-092-0/+145
* RISC-V release confsMitchell Horne2020-12-082-0/+24