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UPDATING: Add upgrade instructions for NetBox 3.x
Give users a few pointers on what to keep in mind when updating to NetBox 3.x.
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you update your ports collection, before attempting any port upgrades.
+ AFFECTS: users of net-mgmt/netbox
+ AUTHOR: kai@FreeBSD.org
+ /!\ WARNING /!\
+ The NetBox 3.0 release contains major changes, so at least items 1.), 2.)
+ and 3.) must be checked before proceeding with the upgrade!
+ /!\ WARNING /!\
+ 1. Please ensure that your local installation of net-mgmt/netbox is at
+ the 2.11 release before attemping to upgrade to NetBox 3.0 or later.
+ 2. Please also note that the previously deprecated secrets functionality
+ has been removed with NetBox 3.0. This means, all of the secrets still
+ remain in the database once upgraded, only the secrets functionality on
+ the part of NetBox is no longer given.
+ In order to continue to be able to access the stored secrets as usual
+ (and then possibly migrate them to another solution, e.g.
+ security/vault), please install the security/py-netbox-secretstore port
+ once NetBox has been upgraded to 3.x and follow its installation
+ instructions how to enable the plugin.
+ 3. If plugins are used, they should be temporarily deactivated to avoid
+ disruptions during the upgrade process.
+ 4. Please also check the pkg-message and the changelogs for further info.
AFFECTS: users of www/py-pyjwt
AUTHOR: rhurlin@FreeBSD.org